Firefighters Suspended for Allegedly Filming Porn in Fire Station

The flames of passion grew too high.

What Happens When a Ghost Town Turns Into an Ecology Lab

The life of a scientist in Gothic, Colorado it seems, is nothing short of extraordinary.

9 Common Browser Problems and How to Fix Them

We all rely on web browsers to get us through the day, so a serious problem with your browser of choice can have a serious impact on productivity, or peace of mind, or Netflix binge watches

Journalists Start Using Drones to View Immigrant Detention Camps After Government Blocks Entry

What's the Trump regime trying to hide in these immigrant camps?

The Latest Star Wars Rumor Involves a Canceled Mos Eisley Movie

Nothing like a good Star Wars rumor to start your Friday.

Ajit Pai Is Apparently a Comedy Vlogger Now

Dislike, comment, and unsubscribe.

What Are The Laws Of War, And Why Do They Matter?

Throughout the years, the rules of International Humanitarian Law have saved the lives, reduced suffering, and ensured the dignity and freedom of countless millions of people all over the world.

You'll Soon Be Able to Sponsor Your Favorite YouTube Creators for $5 Per Month

Oh great, a way to give more money to Logan Paul.

How Pro Gamers Live Now: Curfews, Personal Chefs, And All Of It On Camera

The family that games together (and lives together and works together) is the family that wins together.

Instagram Removed a ProPublica Post Outing White Supremacists Because Facebook Keeps Blocking the Wrong Things

Instagram hasn't provided any explanation as to why it removed the video.

Twitter Buys Anti-Abuse Company to Help It Suck Less the people that just got hired.....good fucking luck.

The Best Scifi and Fantasy Streaming in July

Nerds gather, and now my watch begins.

Antarctic Researchers Celebrate the Summer Solstice By Going for a Swim

This makes your traditional polar bear plunges look like a tropical vacation.

AT&T's WatchTV is the First Streaming Service for the Post-Net Neutrality World

AT&T managed to break all sorts of net neutrality rules.

MoviePass Is Introducing Surge Pricing, Feel Free to Be Annoyed

It’s hard be angry when MoviePass is still the best deal in the game. BUT COME ON.

Mars is in the Middle of a Dust Storm So Big It's Encircling the Planet

This is the most powerful storm to hit the Red Planet since 2007.

Scientists Discover Nursery of Baby Manta Rays

Look at these sweet baby rays that these scientists found.

The Trailer for The Man Who Unlocked the Universe Is a Gorgeous Mixture of Science and Action

This is the story of Ulugh Beg, an obscure medieval astronomer who made Samarkand a thriving center of culture and science in the 15th century.

America Isn't Ready to Handle a Catastrophic Asteroid Impact

Watch out for flying rocks.

Here's The Wild Email Exchange Between Tesla's Alleged 'Saboteur' And Elon Musk

"Don't worry, you have what's coming to you for the lies you have told to the public and investors."

Malaysian CEO's Death Reportedly Caused by Exploding Phone

We’ve never encountered an incident in which a phone explosion resulted in someone’s death.

Wait, What the Hell Happened to Apple AirPower?

Can anyone speak truth to AirPower?

Online Retailers Can Be Forced to Charge You Sales Tax, Supreme Court Rules

Your Newegg purchases are likely to get a little bit more expensive in the near future.

The Centuries-Old History of Cliffhanger Endings

From the early days of Persian folklore to Charles Dickens, The Perils of Pauline, and even Dallas, cliffhangers have, well, hung around.

Scientists Discover Rare Giant Manta Ray Nursery

Get a load of these Sweet Baby Rays

Bose Made a White Noise Machine You Stick In Your Ears

Bose’s newest gadget for you ear is designed to help you do one thing: sleep.

Terminator 6 Set Photos Reveal Our First Look at Sarah Connor's Triumphant Return

Reminds me of that classic Terminator line...."She'll be back."

Star Wars' Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs

The TIE fighter is an aerodynamic disaster.

Koko the Gorilla, Famous for Learning Sign Language, Has Died

Koko forever changed our conceptions of primate intelligence and emotional capacities. Rest in peace.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Quits After Investigation Into Total Boner Move

Krzanich, who is married with two daughters, has royally screwed up.

Alexa Is a Pretty Crappy TV Remote, for Now

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube: Not the game-changer you were hoping for.

New Photo of Kilauea's Eruption From Space May Be Our Best Yet

There have been a plethora of images from space documenting Kilauea’s dramatic eruption as the volcano’s lava flows create all kinds of havoc on the Big Island. But perhaps none are as awesome as this one.

Snapchat: Still Fucked

Financial analysts expect Snapchat to continue performing like a money shredder.

Scorned US Lawmakers Press Google on Relationship with Huawei

Google broke up with the Pentagon and lawmakers are questioning the company's patriotism.

FBI Warns of 'Alarming' Increase in In-Flight Sexual Assaults

The FBI warns that waiting until after a flight to report a sexual assault can interfere with the odds of a successful investigation.

Turns Out All Kinds of Tech Companies are Working With ICE

Microsoft, Palantir, and other tech firms are raking in millions from ICE as the agency separates children from their families at the border.

Marvel Is Getting Closer to Hiring Its Black Widow Director

49 people took meetings, but just 3 women remain on the short list.

Protect your ice cream from those that would destroy it.

Google, Unlike Apple, is Making it Easy to Cancel App Subscriptions

The Subscriptions Center rolled out Wednesday for most Android users.

The Final Days of Ötzi the Iceman, Revealed

A new analysis of Ötzi’s equipment shows what he was up to in the hours before an archer drove an arrow straight into his back.

‘Electronic Skin’ Allows Users with Prosthetic Hands to Feel Pain

You know, I was really hoping for a prosthetic that could lift super heavy objects, but I guess feeling pain works too.

Facebook Is Testing If You'll Pay Actual Money for Groups

There is no way in hell I am paying money to use Facebook.

How Smart Was T. Rex? And Other Dino Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

Smarter than Chris Pratt, certainly.

'Bitcoin Baron' Gets 20 Months in Prison for DDoS Attack That 'Crippled' Emergency Communications

In the end, it seems Twitter beef is what brought the self-proclaimed baron down.

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