The End Is Near in the Explosive New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Just in case you want to watch it again

Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica, Data Firm That Worked on Donald Trump's Campaign

Something very shady seems to be going on here.

Amazon Delivery Driver Reportedly Fired for Squashing Puppy With Package

Whatever this guy was doing, it looks like he wanted to lose his job.

Asthma Inhalers Fail Minority Children Due to a Lack of Diversity in Research

“There is dramatic racial disparity in asthma prevalence, mortality, and albuterol drug response,” says researcher Angel Mak.

The History of Virtual Reality Tropes

Where did the idea for virtual reality come from?

AirDrop Is Your iPhone’s Most Underrated Tool

"Without any internet connection or cell service whatsoever, you can still send documents, photos, videos, nearly anything, between any Apple devices, as long as they are physically relatively close to each other."

Report: Things Aren't Going So Well for Stan Lee

Stan Lee's current situation has been described by one anonymous source as “a real fucking mess.”

Ready Player One Is an Orgy of Nostalgia in All the Wrong Ways

Ready Player One isn’t so much a movie about loving old video games and other cultural artifacts. It’s about loving to love those things.

Chinese Citizens With Bad 'Social Credit' to Be Blocked From Taking Planes and Trains

This is almost quite literally an episode of Black Mirror....

America's Binge-Drinking Problem Is Even Worse Than We Thought

It's been a rough couple of years.

Steve Jobs’ Half-Assed Job Application Sells for $174,000

Steve Jobs was once just a dirtbag kid who was bad at filling out job applications.

The $15,000 Box That Can Allegedly Unlock Any iPhone

Even without your consent, the GrayKey could allow the government to access your phone in very little time.

The First Great iPhone App Grows Up

The very first iPhone apps were universally dull. And then Brian Eno's Bloom came out.

Wait, Peter Dinklage is in Avengers: Infinity War??? Yep.

Who is he playing though???

Everything We Learned From the Latest Infinity War Trailer

It's trailer breakdown time!

The Best Documentary About a Homicidal 1980s Oregon Sex Cult That You'll See All Year

It all began with peace and love, it ended with attempted murder, the exploitation of thousands of homeless people, and cult leaders who ordered the poisoning of an entire town by spraying salad bars with salmonella.

Nitrogen Gas Is Now the Execution Method of Choice in Oklahoma

Given Oklahoma’s poor track record, there’s legitimate concern the state will somehow screw this up.

Russian Scientists Are Devising a Plan to Nuke Asteroids

Not if Donald J. Trump's ///SPACE FORCE/// has anything to say about it!!

Facebook Sorry Its Autocomplete Suggested Users Search for Child Porn Videos

Facebook prohibits any sexually explicit content—not just illegal sexualized depictions of children—on its platform, and we have seen no evidence that searching the suggested terms returned videos or other content that matched the offending descriptions.

Plattsburgh, New York Becomes First to Ban New Bitcoin Mining

All these ding dang Bitcoin miners are using up all our ding dang electricity!!

The Dueling Visions for How Humanity Will Survive

Are you a wizard? Or are you a prophet?

The End Is Near in the Explosive New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Earth's mightiest heroes are looking a little beat up.

Timeline Photos

Happy Friday! Remember to place your brain into the digi-dock this weekend to recharge, upload all sensory information, and repair all corrupted memories.

What Weather Is in Store for the United States This Coming Spring

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is here with your local 3 month forecast.

Iran Blocked From Apple App Store

Due to US sanctions, Apple does not sell its products in Iran, but Iranians have been apple to use the App Store...until today.

Holy Shit, Ava DuVernay Is Directing DC's New Gods Movie

Ava DuVernay is heading to DC Comics’ Fourth World!!

Russia Has Been Poking at Our Energy Grid, FBI Warns

Donald J. Trump has seemed reluctant to impose any sort of consequences on Russia or blame it for hacking activity against the US. Today, however, the dam broke.

Report Finds Microplastic in 93% of Bottled Water Tested

Just one more reason to avoid bottled water.

The FDA Would Like to Take the Nicotine Out of Cigarettes

All the cost, with hardly any of the buzz.

No, Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA Didn't 'Change in Space'

If 7% of Scott Kelly’s DNA actually changed, he would be a completely different species.

Balancing All the Elements of Avengers: Infinity War Sounds Almost Impossible

The movie is called INFINITY WAR. There are going to be a lot of moving parts!!!

Guy Surprisingly Chill After Girlfriend Stabs Him With Samurai Sword for Having Tinder: Report

“I’ve been preparing my whole life for something like this.”

Ancient Human Groups Mated With the Mysterious Denisovans at Least Twice

Well that explains why there are so many people named Dennis around...

Woman Who Fatally Shot Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong Gets 90 Days in Jail

“We were doing a YouTube video, and it went wrong.”

Google Is Adding Wheelchair-Accessible Routes to Maps

Maps can factor in the availability of wheelchair ramps and elevators when deciding how best to guide people with mobility needs from one place to another.

Colgate's AI Toothbrush Makes Me Never Want to Brush My Teeth Again

“You tried to care for your hygiene, but you failed” is not a fun notification to get before bed.

Climate Science Goes to Court

This could very well be our Scopes Monkey Trial.

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